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Creative Commons License
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"How does it feel to be undefeated for five seasons straight?" asked the soft voice on the line. “It feels great!” I lied. I should have told him how I hated the pressure to win, and I hated staring at the bottom of a pool for four hours a day. That’s not the best opening quote to an article, though, so for the time being, it was better to smile and stick with the lie.

Katrina Berlin is a freshman and just recently declared Nursing as her major. She is a part of the Women's Club Soccer team at JMU and the Campus Crusade for Christ organization. She spends her summers coaching her local swim team, the Parliament Panthers, in Northern Virginia, which gave her the inspiration for this essay.

Katrina worked hard to combine her passion for the subject with secondary research in order to achieve what she hopes is a compelling argument.



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