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Creative Commons License
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I believe peer editing has limitations and needs alteration in several areas if it is to be a useful tool for improving writing. To learn more about the views of others, I decided to explore how beneficial they found peer editing based on their own experiences with the process. The aim of this study was to provide insight into the peer-editing process as it exists now and ultimately provide information that could improve the process and better students' writing.

Morgan Stubbe is a rising sophomore from Richmond, Virginia. With a Health Services Administration major and General Business minor, she hopes to combine her interests in medicine and wellness with business skills, and to work in the healthcare environment.

Morgan's fascination with organization and desire to quantify her work, even in the humanities, led her to select peer editing as the topic of her GWRTC 103 paper.

The assignment stipulated that we investigate a narrowed aspect of the writing process, and that we mimic some of the research by scholars we had studied in class.



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