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The Art of the Epitaph

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Creative Commons License
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My difficulty with articulating my respect and love for my grandfather was compounded by the idea of the epitaph: a text (for better or for worse) that is enduring, that describes the person buried beneath the marker and reflects the cultural context of the period in which he or she lived. How can a sentiment be written that is both succinct and powerful, that does justice to the deceased, fully encapsulating his or her life achievements?

Mark Tyson is currently an International Affairs major in his freshman year at JMU. He likes to read and write, hike, and hang out with friends. Mark grew up overseas and hopes in the future he will have the opportunity to travel more of the world and write about what he experiences.

Mark was assigned to choose a form of social discourse and write about it for his writing and rhetoric class. Because his grandfather had recently passed away, Mark found the concept of graveyard discourse to be especially powerful.



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