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In 1994, Kevin Carter submitted a photograph he had taken during a trip to Sudan to cover the civil war that was ravaging the country. He had no idea at the time that he would eventually win the coveted Pulitzer Prize. He had even less of an idea that soon after receiving the award, he would succumb to depression. Although it brought about Carter’s untimely death, the photograph showed the world a tragedy occuring in Sudan. It shattered the complacency that existed among people generally walled off from such struggles. It was a disturbing call to action to help those in other parts of the world who truly needed it.

Catherine Witko is a rising sophomore Marketing major at JMU and a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha. Catherine has always had an immense interest in journalism and writing. She looks forward to using her interest in writing in the future, no matter where her career path takes her.

Catherine hopes readers can think deeply about problems outside the United States by learning about the tragedy that brought the photographer to take the photograph in this essay, and the tragedy that ensued from it: “I first saw the photograph that I wrote about in this paper during my junior year of high school. I was very sheltered in my teenage years, but just seeing the picture shocked me into the real world more than anything had ever before. Our elders, parents, and professors all have told us time and time again to learn about the past so that history won’t repeat itself.”



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