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Creative Commons License
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[Walker Percy's] prescription for liberating ourselves from the prison of our preconceptions, for regaining our “sovereignty,” is simple: forget what you know; instead, learn again. No kisses, only Kiss. Forget the love on screen, the passionate embrace into the sunset, for it is not love, only a cheap illusion to sell tickets. Don’t accept that illusion as anything but fiction, for it will be the bane of your happiness, as it was mine. Liberate yourself, venture out, relearn your experiences. Seek new things, things you never imagined you’d try. Try them all.

Richard Williams is a first year Marketing major at JMU. He enjoys reading books but has always preferred movies. He grew up in North Carolina but spent much of his childhood in Falls Church, VA.

Richard was assigned to respond to Walker Percy's essay titled "The Loss of the Creature" in his GWRTC 103 writing class taught by Ms. Heather Comfort. Her insightful advice helped Richard to combine his own experience with Percy's message.



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