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Creative Commons License
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I began to follow in my sister's footsteps, and suddenly I lost myself.

Meghan Hyland: Meghan wrote her essay for GWRIT 102D. Meghan is one of the student editors of e-Vision, though her essay was (of course!) submitted anonymously and and was chosen for publication by the e-Vision student editorial board without anyone having the slightest idea that she was the author!

Meghan Hyland is a French and Spanish double major who likes to read and write in her spare time. She enjoys experimenting with new styles of writing, and favors creative writing because it allows her to write without rules. She finds the process of writing to be extremely challenging, but at the same time very rewarding.

Overwhelmed by the newness of college and the task of developing her own identity, Meghan wrote "Shedding the Shackles," which gave her a chance to reflect on her college decision and her relationship with her sister. In it, she experimented with voice by using sentence fragments and simple language to bring power to her writing and express the thoughts of a child. This personal essay required a number of drafts and revisions, but she feels that the ultimate product was well worth the effort."



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