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If a line of symmetry were to be drawn down the center of the paper, it would seem that each character rests within his environment about to collide with the other. Even without words, a vivid story begins to formulate in my mind, and hopefully I share the artist's vision.

Sean Nyhan wrote "Comics" as a freshman enrolled in GWRIT 102D:

"I am currently studying in the school of media arts and design at James Madison University, and hope to work for Marvel or DC Comics some day. I can't help thinking I'm not good enough to get published so I look for all the help I can get. Two yeas ago I hadn't picked up a comic book for years, but then I became engulfed in a new exciting genre of writing.

My teachers always reminded me that I should read as much as possible, but they were talking about newspapers and novels. My point is, don't throw out a medium because it is culturally taboo, and keep searching until one of those mediums fits well enough to write a decent essay about."



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