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Creative Commons License
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I imagine oil spills to be somewhat cartoon in nature. A thick oozing black blanket of death starts to cover everything within its reach and then stretches out for more.

Anne Bradshaw: My name is Anne Bradshaw and I love to be under the sky. I want to spend my life helping people to reach for their dreams. Small victories can be as exciting as the great. I seek to live my life as a conscious world citizen. I have hope for a more peaceful existence as a world community. I love to travel and experience new ideas. I am learning Spanish and Sign Language to break down barriers, enabling myself to meet more people.

I have an amazing, inspiring job as an Autism therapist during the school year. Lately, I spend my summers working as the Nature and Camping Specialist at Camp Easter Seals West (a wonderful place that accepts all, regardless of physical or cognitive ability level).

I truly enjoy being around my friends and family that I love so very much. Music adds a lot of joy to my life as well. I enjoy spending time in the woods, especially near rivers and waterfalls. I love to go hiking, camping, backpacking, and snowboarding."



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