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A Curse and a Gift

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Creative Commons License
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He stands in the dark, lingering. Always lingering. Faceless, but his cold, menacing eyes illuminate from the depth of the abyss.

N'hawa Louisa Tangula reports that "When Professor.Storey gave us this assignment, I knew immediately what I wanted to write about. Death. For three years, a void filled my heart as I fought to accept death as an integral part of life. Losing not one but four of my loved ones in such a short time span, sent me into a state of bedlam. At first I was in denial, then I began to ask why?

Conversations with my mum and my journal entries helped me through the whole ordeal. Putting all the hurt and pain into words was very theraputic. I was able to refer to some of those enteries when I got this assignment. I had a difficult time revisiting some of those memories. But, writing this paper brought me full circle and gave me some closure.

This work is dedicated to all my fallen loves, may your souls rest in perfect peace."



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