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Creative Commons License
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The faint tinge of whiskey tickles at Pete’s nostrils. Five miles from his destination and no longer on the main street, Pete assures himself he is in the clear. He accelerates; the pedal fights back against the sole of his boot. He exceeds the speed limit and simultaneously the wind current strengthens in the cab. The boys in the back cheer at the clockwise progression of the speedometer.

Rachael McNerney wrote this narrative to reach out to at least one, if not many, drivers who haven't been persuaded by numerous statistics.

She dedicates this piece to Pete for his strength and courage; to her parents, Timothy and Violet, for their wisdom and for instilling in her the ability to distinguish between right and wrong (through trial and error); and lastly, to her three brothers, Colin, Michael, and Brian, whom she loves unconditionally and urges to always have fun while making good choices.

Rachael encourages everyone to find their passion, whether in writing or life in general. "Most of all never be afraid to try new things, for that may be where your passion is hiding."



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