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Creative Commons License
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Donnie didn’t like it when the drugs wore off. He hated that empty feeling, that feeling that there was a hole in his chest where his heart should be. It reminded Donnie of something that he had learned in history class: people used to believe in something called a soul, which was said to be the essence of a person, a ghostly vapor that seemed to dwell deep inside each and every human being. Of course, scientists had long since proved the nonexistence of souls. Finally arriving at floor one hundred and eighty-four, Donnie shook his head of such thoughts. They were a waste of time.

Mason Shelby is a sophomore trying to double major in graphic design and interactive. Mason's passions include obscure musical instruments, fine dining, masks, Greek mythology, and the ocean. In addition to playing in a rock band, he is always getting involved in large scale multi-media projects and is currently developing his own web business. After graduation, Mason plans to make a billion dollars on the Internet.



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