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Creative Commons License
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Today’s different world creates new problems that could jeopardize the car’s status as an American icon. In recent years the automobile has suffered. The combination of global warming and skyrocketing gas prices paint a bleak and unpromising future for the car. In order to comprehend the extent of the problem, we must confront our obsession with the automobile and understand why it has achieved such an iconic status in American culture. How can something as simple as four wheels and an engine mean so much?

Luke Vinton is a rising junior and a business marketing major. He is a musician and dabbles in cinematography and video editing projects with his friends. A self-admitted dork, he is fascinated by all the mundane things in life and why they have value. He attributes his passion for explanation to the curiosity of his own friends and family. Their reluctance to accept anything at face value has taught him to open his eyes when looking at the world. He hopes people in the future will learn to not take things for granted and instead appreciate what they have.



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