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A symbol is just a symbol. Too often, the symbol for a religion is regarded with more importance than what it represents. In my opinion, writer Nick Farrantello is right to suggest that symbols often get in the way of ideas. He claims that people are more interested in protecting the symbol representing a belief rather than protecting the belief itself. Even if one’s faith taught that its symbols were more than just symbols, why let those symbols be open to criticism from the public if they were really so worthy of reverence?

Nikolai Stem is a Clarinet Performance major at James Madison University who is also pursuing a minor in Writing and Rhetoric. He still has no idea if it's even possible to combine these two passions, but he knows he's not leaving college without trying. His faith is an integral part of his life, so he enjoyed writing about a religious topic for this assignment.

While he by no means directly intended to offend anyone, he does hope to challenge those individuals who may hold to the attitudes he argues against in his paper. While he proposes no clear solution, he does propose a long-needed re-evaluation."



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