e-Vision Journal of Undergraduate Writing

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Is This Who I Am?-Fitting into the Stereotype


I can’t count how many times people have said to me something like, “Bet your girlfriend really appreciates you, eh?” Until I tell them I’m gay. Then, the most common look I get is one where it seems like their brains are shifting gears. I can almost see how they go over me and their memories of me, trying to pick out anything that “gave me away.” “Yeah, he was always so quiet in school.” “Oh, that’s prolly ‘cause he was in the closet, you think?”

Nicholas Pierpont Corbell is a sophomore with an ecclectic focus in the Communication Studies major as well as minors in both Biology and Studio Art. In his free time, Nick participates in martial arts, swimming, creating digital artwork, revising digital artwork, and devising plot points for a story in progress. His dream is to be an incredibly famous artist and maybe even a writer.