Furious Flower 1994 Conference Supercut Part 1


Furious Flower 1994 Conference Supercut Part 1

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00:45 Joanne V. Gabbin speaks; 01:45 Steven Wright plays drums; 04:47 Gabbin speaks; 05:47 Susan Facknitz speaks; 11:24 Jacqueline Brice-Finch speaks; 12:50 C. B. Claiborne speaks; 18:22 Ronald E. Carrier speaks; 22:20 Doris Hunt speaks; 23:30 Val Gray Ward chants and speaks while Wright plays drums; 30:03 Vernisha Brown speaks and sings; 33:48 Gabbin delivers opening address; 45:54 cut to black; 46:55 Alvin Aubert opens panel; 58:27 Elizabeth Alexander speaks; 1:25:25 Eleanor Traylor speaks; 1:50:55 cut to black; 1:50:56 Sherley Anne Williams speaks, video is watchable but distorted; 1:53:24 video regains normalcy; 2:09:15 Aubert opens panel to questions; 2:10:45 Darrell Stover addresses panel; 2:12: 05 Alexander responds; 2:12:48 Traylor responds; 2:14:45 unidentified speaker addresses panel; 2:15:15 Aubert responds; 2:18:30 Shahara Brookins Drew addresses panel; 2:19:22 Williams responds; 2:20:33 Aubert responds; 2:20:51 Adam David Miller addresses panel; 2:21:40 Williams responds; 2:24:20 Alexander responds; 2:26:04 Williams responds; 2:27:24 Aubert responds; 2:28:53 Williams responds; 2:29:08 Traylor responds; 2:33:09 unidentifed speaker addresses panel; 2:34:10 Aubert responds; 2:35:38 Alexander responds; 2:38:10 Traylor responds; 2:41:40 Monifa A. Love addresses panel; 2:42:41 Williams responds; 2:43:53 Alexander responds; 2:44:33 Mylea Thompson addresses panel; 2:45:00 Williams responds; 2:46:36 Alexander responds; 2:47:50 Aubert closes panel


Furious Flower Poetry Center



Gabbin, Joanne V. (speaker); Wright, Steven (performer); Facknitz, Susan (speaker); Brice-Finch, Jacqueline (speaker); Claiborne, C. B. (speaker); Carrier, Ronald E. (speaker); Hunt, Doris (speaker); Ward, Val Gray (speaker); Brown, Vernisha (speaker); Aubert, Alvin (speaker); Alexander, Elizabeth (speaker); Traylor, Eleanor (speaker); Williams, Sherley Anne (speaker); Stover, Darrell (speaker); Drew, Shahara Brookins (speaker); Miller, Adam David (speaker); Love, Monifa A. (speaker); Thompson, Mylea (speaker)

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Furious Flower 1994 Conference Supercut Part 1



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