Furious Flower 1994 Conference Supercut Part 6


Furious Flower 1994 Conference Supercut Part 6

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00:00 Darrell Stover speaks, while Morton Brooks performs; 09:55 Joanne V. Gabbin speaks; 11:10 Eugenia Collier speaks; 16:55 Gabbin speaks; 18:00 Mari Evans speaks; 18:40 Eugene Redmond speaks; 26:35 Raymond R. Patterson speaks; 27:28 Gabbin speaks; 28:45 Maryemma Graham speaks; 40:00 Gabbin speaks; 40:20 Deborah E. McDowell speaks; 45:27 Naomi Corneilia Long Madgett speaks; 46:20 Gabbin speaks; 50:28 Jerry Washington Ward speaks; 59:17 Samuel W. Allen speaks; 1:00:08 Gabbin speaks; 1:00:35 Opal Moore speaks; 1:12:40 Pinkie Gordon Lane speaks; 1:13:13 Gabbin speaks; 1:14:38 Sonia Sanchez speaks and reads; 1:17:45 Val Gray Ward speaks; 1:21:55 Gwendolyn Brooks speaks; 1:24:12 Gabbin speaks, video cuts out while Gabbin is speaking


Furious Flower Poetry Center



Stover, Darrell (speaker); Brooks, Morton (performer); Gabbin, Joanne V. (speaker); Collier, Eugenia (speaker); Evans, Maria (speaker); Redmond, Eugene (speaker); Patterson, Raymond R. (speaker); Graham, Maryemma (speaker); McDowell, Deborah E. (speaker); Madgett, Naomi Corneilia Long (speaker); Ward, Jerry Washington (speaker); Allen, Samuel W. (speaker); Moore, Opal (speaker); Lane, Pinkie Gordon (speaker); Sanchez, Sonia (speaker); Ward, Val Gray ( speaker); Brooks, Gwendolyn (speaker)

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Furious Flower 1994 Conference Supercut Part 6



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