Submissions from 2024


Toward untangling thunderstorm-aerosol relationships: An observational study of regions centered on Washington, DC and Kansas City, MO, Mace Bentley, Tobias Gerken, Zhoujun Duan, Dudley Bonsal, Henry Way, Endre Szakal, Mia Pham, Hunter Donaldson, and Lucie Griffith

Submissions from 2021


Examining CO2 model observation residuals using ACT-America data, Tobias Gerken, Sha Feng, Klaus Keller, Thomas Lauvaux, Joshua P. DiGangi, Yonhoon Choi, Bianca Baier, and Kenneth J. Davis

Submissions from 2020


Microgrids: A Watershed Moment, George H. Baker III

Submissions from 2017


Testimony of Dr. George H. Baker, Senior Advisor to the Congressional EMP Commission, George H. Baker III


High Consequence Scenarios for North Korean Atmospheric Nuclear Tests with Policy Recommendations for the U.S. Government, Thomas S. Popik, Jordan T. Kearns, George H. Baker III, Henry F. Cooper, and William R. Harris

Submissions from 2016


Evolution and Rationale for United States Department of Defense Electromagnetic Pulse Protection Standard, George H. Baker III

Submissions from 1993


Proposal for a DoD Combined Battlefield Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) Initiative, George H. Baker III

Submissions from 1975


Damage Analysis Modified TRAC Computer Program (DAMTRAC), George H. Baker III, Alan D. McNutt, G. Bradford Shea, and David M. Rubenstein