Welcome to the James Madison Undergraduate Research Journal.

JMURJ has three primary functions: to review, to publish, and to connect. The JMURJ Editorial Board, with help from faculty across campus, actively reviews —reviews, responds to, and helps students to revise—undergraduate research. For undergraduate students, participating in an academic journal’s review process reinforces the collaborative, ongoing nature of scholarly work. JMURJ publishes research grounded in the conventions and methodologies of JMU’s many disciplines. The journal affirms our university’s enduring commitment to undergraduate research in all its forms and offers JMU students a forum for their excellent scholarship. Finally, JMURJ connects students and faculty by featuring multidisciplinary content in each issue. As a university publication, the journal offers undergraduate researchers an entrée to engaged conversations with other scholars in their fields.

We are indebted to the many JMU faculty members who have volunteered to review manuscripts, and to the many others who have offered their insight and support since Spring 2013. We would also like to pay tribute to Casey Boutwell and Laurence Lewis, JMU alumni who created JMURJ in 2007. For more than a year now, we have been building on the foundation they established. This first new issue of JMURJ in over five years is a step toward realizing their vision.

From the beginning, one of our main objectives has been to represent the range of scholarly research that James Madison University’s undergraduates pursue in their disciplines. We have invited—and have been very pleased to receive—submissions from Bluestone to East Campus, Showker to Memorial.

We hope that promoting, publishing, and sharing interesting, fundamentally useful undergraduate research in all its many forms will inspire other JMU undergraduate researchers across the university to consider what they can do.

If you want valuable publication experience, we invite you to submit your own research to JMURJ.

The JMURJ Editorial Board



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