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Spring 2013

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Master of Science (MS)


Department of Integrated Science and Technology


This research study sought to assess the current status of Technology Enhanced Learning and Education for Sustainable Development in Malta, and to provide practical solutions to the challenges associated with their integration into the Maltese State Education system. Research methods employed during this study utilised a survey involving a cross-selection of Science Education teachers to assess their perceptions and attitudes towards the practical application of Educational Technologies in the classroom, and a subsequent in-depth interview with the Assistant Director and Education Officer responsible for national eLearning decisions in Malta to gain a deeper understanding of the organisation and management of the education system’s infrastructures and the public policy plans that govern them. The literature review section of this dissertation covers a brief history and background account of Educational Technology and Education for Sustainable Development, and links key principles from these subjects to present day Maltese concerns in education. The entire state education system is currently undergoing significant levels of changes in its efforts to achieve 21st Century education expectations, and as a result, converging interests with shared goals are experiencing some levels of conflict. Several recommendations to address these challenges are provided from the results of the research conducted during this study. A key element to the successful realisation of the proposed list of policy recommendations is regarded to be found through gradual and systematic implementation plans that acknowledge and respect the concerns of all affected parties involved. Recommendations for further topics beyond the scope of this study would include additional research into the environmental vii aspects of the present day education system and the development of a detailed implementation plan for the eventual full integration the Education for Sustainable Development subject as cross-curriculum learning area into the Maltese State Education curriculum.



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