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Spring 2011

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Master of Arts (MA)


Department of History


The thesis attempts to place smuggling on the Warsaw Ghetto until the Great Deportation into the larger context of economic warfare as a Nazi policy. This largely overlooked aspect of Jewish response provides valuable insights to the larger debate because of the experimental nature of administration in the Government General and its potential impact on determining the course of the Final Solution. The paper alleges that Jewish smuggling was less a form of resistance than an aid in alleviating German responsibility for their captives’ welfare and an effective method of management. Research tools included an abundance of primary documents for finding the basic facts and incidents of smuggling. Secondary research established the arguments to seat the discussion in. Smuggling is viewed alongside the policies that made it necessary including the city’s takeover, landscape adjustments harshening decrees and the establishment of the ghetto. The work’s greatest value lays in the possibility of facilitating a greater understanding of the larger Nazi policy framework.

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