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Creative Commons License
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Date of Award

Spring 2015

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Master of Science (MS)


Department of Health Sciences


Jeremy Akers


The aim of the present study was to determine whether or not long-term adherence to a Low-Carbohydrate Ketogenic Diet (LCKD) combined with a powerlifting strength training protocol could produce a positive psychological response. This six-week randomized control trial consisted of a treatment (LCKD) group (7% carbohydrates, 50% fat and 45% protein) and a control (CON) group (ad libitum). Both groups completed a validated powerlifting training protocol, as well as the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale and the Profile of Mood States. Multivariate testing and general linear modeling statistical analyses were used to compare psychological response between groups (p < 0.05) and found that there was a significant decrease in anxiety over the duration of six-weeks among both groups. No other psychological responses, including negative responses, were found to be significant. All participants significantly improved one-repetition max bench press, back squat, and deadlift (p < 0.05). The main findings of this study suggest that some positive psychological responses exist from long-term LCKD adherence, as well as potential increases in strength performance.