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Spring 2015

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Master of Arts (MA)


Department of History


Michael J. Galgano


This thesis explores the growing secularization in English government policies between the years 1570-1598. By examining international politics and domestic treason trials, the reader can see a clear change in the language used to describe Catholics by the Protestant English. Beginning with the Papal Bull, Regnans in Exchelsis, the Catholic persecution reached its zenith under Elizabeth in the 1570s. The treason trials of Edmund Campion, William Parry, and Mary Queen of Scots show how the 1580s was a period of secularization in domestic politics. Internationally, the changing alliances between England, the Netherlands, and France show how England slowly begins to form a closer bond with France despite their Catholicism. This bond is a reaction to the growing perception of the threat of Spanish invasion, rather than Catholic invasion.