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Spring 2012

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Master of Science (MS)


Department of Kinesiology


Concussion awareness and knowledge has increased and, as a consequence, protective equipment has been developed in an attempt to protect the athletes from sustaining a concussion. The manufacturers market the equipment as a tool to prevent concussions, yet few studies have systematically tested this hypothesis. This study investigated the Full90 Headgear to determine if performance on the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 2 (SCAT 2) is impacted by the presence of headgear. Subjects performed two trials, each consisting of four different heading drills both with and without the Full90 Headgear. Subjects were evaluated prior to the heading drills with the SCAT 2 concussion assessment and immediately following each trial to determine if cognitive function, concussion symptoms, or balance performance changed with heading, and if the Full90 Headgear attenuated any of these changes. There were no changes in cognitive function, symptoms or balance performance from baseline to either of the post heading testing points. Therefore, the data indicated that purposeful heading does not change cognitive function; consequently there is no need for the Full90 Headgear to protect the athlete from a concussion during heading. In conclusion, the SCAT 2 scores did not change from baseline in either trial (with or without headgear). As supported by others, purposeful soccer heading is not a mechanism for concussion and consequently the Full90 Headgear does not add extra protection to an athlete during heading.

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