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Creative Commons License
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Spring 2013

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Master of Science (MS)


Department of Computer Science


A fingerprint fuzzy vault uses a fingerprint A to lock a strong secret k and only a close fingerprint from the same finger can be used to unlock k. An attacker who has stolen the vault will not be able to get useful information about A or k.%0d%0a In this research, we shall study the security of a major fingerprint fuzzy vault developed by Nandakumar et al. through investigating the security implication of helper data, which are stored in the fuzzy vault for fingerprint alignment. We will show that helper data leak information about fingerprints and thus compromise the security claim on the fingerprint fuzzy vault scheme. Next, we will propose a new fingerprint fuzzy vault scheme, which is based on traditional representation of fingerprints in minutia points and does not need helper data for alignment.