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Creative Commons License
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Date of Graduation

Spring 2012

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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Department of Computer Science


In this thesis the unique environment that is the public IaaS cloud along with its differences from a traditional data center environment has been considered. The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), states that “Managing identities and access control for enterprise applications remains one of the greatest challenges facing IT today”. The CSA also points out that “there is a lack of consistent secure methods for extending identity management into the cloud and across the cloud” [1]. This thesis examines this challenge of managing identities in the cloud by developing a list of best practices for implementing identity management in the cloud. These best practices were then tested by simulated misuse cases which were tested in a prototype of the implementation strategy. The results and analysis of the misuse cases show that the implementation of the identity management solution solves the problem of managing identities for the control of the infrastructure in the cloud. However, the analysis also shows that there are still areas where the properly implemented identity management solution fails to mitigate attacks to the infrastructure. These failures in particular are attacks that are sourced from the subscriber environments in the cloud. Finally, the best practices from this thesis also present some consistent methods for extending identity management into the cloud.



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