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Spring 5-7-2010

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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Department of Learning, Technology and Leadership Education


Diane Wilcox

Diane Foucar-Szocki

Jane Thall


The ADEA has created policy and also suggested guidelines for dental hygiene faculty qualified to teach within dental hygiene education. Within the policy and guidelines statements, the ADEA has included a background in education and specific degree levels for dental hygiene faculty that support educationally prepared faculty members. To determine if dental hygiene faculty are following policy and guidelines suggested by the ADEA, a survey to collect data regarding type of degree and specific educational coursework was sent to dental hygiene program directors of dental hygiene programs across the United States. A total of 228 full time and part time dental hygiene faculty members (program directors, didactic and clinical faculty) from 97 programs responded to the survey. Information regarding the type and level of degree, previous employment, and knowledge regarding ADEA suggested guidelines were collected. The results indicate not all dental hygiene faculty members possess knowledge of ADEA suggested guidelines for qualified faculty members. Information regarding ADEA policy and suggested guidelines may be needed by dental hygiene faculty members through the ADEA organization and the dental hygiene department to meet the demand for educationally qualified dental hygiene faculty.

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