MECM SRPS #1 2010: Building Knowledge in and of Afghanistan

The first set of papers in the MECM SRPS were originally produced in Dr. Shah Mahmoud Hanifi’s HIST 372 Afghanistan in Regional and Global Systems class during the fall 2010 semester. All students in that class produced research papers focused on Nationalism in Afghanistan, and a number of HIST 372 students presented their work at the university-wide Building Knowledge in and of Afghanistan (BKA) conference held the following spring 2011 semester. The student papers delivered at the BKA conference received a great deal of feedback from two JMU alumni who entered History PhD programs after graduating from JMU. John Miller and H. William Warner served as Discussants at the BKA conference and provided each student presenter with oral and written comments that have been incorporated in the following essays.


Submissions from 2010


Nationalism in Afghanistan - A Descriptive Analysis, Jawan Shir Rasikh


Neocolonialism in Cold War Afghanistan, Jonathan Reed


The Role of Language in Defining Afghan Nationalism, Farid Zareie