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Upon excitation in thin oxide films by infrared radiation, radiative polaritons are formed with complex angular frequency ω, according to the theory of Kliewer and Fuchs (1966 Phys. Rev. 150 573). We show that radiative polaritons leak radiation with frequency ωi to the space surrounding the oxide film. The frequency ωi is the imaginary part of ω. The effects of the presence of the radiation leaked out at frequency ωi are observed experimentally and numerically in the infrared spectra of La2O3 films on silicon upon excitation by infrared radiation of the 0TH type radiative polariton. The frequency ωi is found in the microwave to far infrared region, and depends on the oxide film chemistry and thickness. The presented results might aid in the interpretation of fine structures in infrared and, possibly, optical spectra, and suggest the study of other similar potential sources of electromagnetic radiation in different physical scenarios.

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