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Kelsey Grimm and Emily Harnish

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Dr. Abby Massey

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Fall 2019

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Objective: To determine whether postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) protocols lead to decreases in maternal morbidity and mortality.

Design: Systemic literature review.

Methods: The clinical question investigated is whether the implementation of PPH protocols has measurable impact on maternal morbidity and mortality. Searches were done through PubMed using the keywords: “maternal hemorrhage postpartum protocol.” Studies were eliminated if they were more than 10 years old, conducted outside the United States, published in a non-English language, used other animal subjects besides humans, used non-female subjects, if they did not answer the clinical question, or were review articles. Eventually, three cohort studies were included for analysis.

Results: Cohort studies by Shields et al. and Skupski et al. were chosen for analysis as they met the inclusion/exclusion criteria for the proposed clinical question.

Conclusions: All of the studies clearly demonstrate an improvement across a variety of measures of maternal morbidity.

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Effect of Postpartum Protocols on Maternal Outcomes Poster