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Abby Massey

Capstone Semester

Fall 2020

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Objective: To assess the efficacy of early egg protein introduction in the reduction of later childhood egg allergy development. Design: Systematic literature review. Methods: Searches were done using PubMed and cross referenced with articles on UpToDate, using the search strings ‘egg‘, ‘allergy‘, ‘randomized controlled trial‘, ‘early‘, and ‘introduction‘. Our inclusion criteria included: published in the last 5 years, human trial, randomized controlled trials only. Results: Our selection process yielded 3 quality studies: the “Beating Egg Allergy Trial” (BEAT)1, “Start time of egg protein to prevent egg allergy” (STEP)2, and “Two-step Egg Introduction for Prevention of Egg Allergy in High-risk Infants With Eczema” (PETIT)3, which are discussed below. Conclusion: These studies found a minor reduction in the development of severe egg allergies in the experimental group as compared to the control group but were hampered by data collection issues and the limitations of their statistical analysis. Further research is necessary to understand the impact introduction timing of allergenic foods on the development of severe food allergies.

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