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Creative Commons License
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Course Instructor

Abby Massey

Capstone Semester

Fall 2021

Date of Graduation



Objective: Assess the efficacy of a nestorone plus testosterone gel at suppressing progestin levels and spermatogenesis.

Design: Systematic literature review.

Methods: Searches were done in PubMed and Dartmouth library using the terms nestorone, randomized control trial, human, and male. Limits used while searching included published in the last 10 years, randomized control trials, and English.

Results: Using the search criteria the following three studies were found that met the inclusion/exclusion criteria of this study: Ilani et al, Zitzmann et al, and Anawalt et al. All three studies were found on PubMed and reference the Ilani et al study.

Conclusion: Nestorone plus testosterone gel is effective at suppressing progestin levels in the short-term and spermatogenesis over the course of several weeks. This drug has an efficacy similar to female oral contraceptives and a better efficacy than any existing non-invasive male contraceptive. The effective dose, level of compliance, and long-term side effects require further study.

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