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Course Instructor

Abby Massey

Capstone Semester

Spring 2022

Date of Graduation



Objective: To compare the 30-day mortality rate of suspected sepsis patients who received prehospital (Emergency Medical Services- EMS) antibiotic administration in an ambulance as compared to antibiotic administration in the hospital. Design: Systematic literature review. Methods: Research was conducted in PubMed and Google Scholar with the search terms: sepsis, antibiotics, prehospital, EMS, ambulance. The 3 articles selected were chosen after removing articles not from a randomized control trial, no antibiotic administration, and not a free article. Results: From our meta-analysis of the three studies, we concluded that providing antibiotics before arriving at the hospital for patients with suspected septic infections. The Alam et al study demonstrated that there was no reduction in mortality when comparing prehospital administration of intravenous antibiotics to those who received their antibiotics in-hospital. Jones et al also showed no improvement in mortality rates in the treatment group but did find a statistically significant reduction in the 3-month readmission rate among the treatment group. In the third study, Chamberlain concluded that prehospital administration of intravenous antibiotics does in fact reduce 28- day mortality but correlating mortality with mean intensive-care unit (ICU) length of stay. Conclusion: 30-day mortality is not improved with early antibiotic administration in septic patients.

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