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Creative Commons License
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Course Instructor

Abby Massey

Capstone Semester

Spring 2022

Date of Graduation



Objective: To assess the current standard for the detection of non-traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), and evaluate the need for a lumbar puncture with a negative head CT. Is a negative head CT thorough enough to definitively rule out a SAH?

Design: Systematic literature review

Methods: Our research began on the PubMed database using the search terms Subarachnoid Hemorrhage and Lumbar Puncture. We filtered our data with filters including; data in the last ten years, primary research, and full text articles.

Results: Retrospective studies include; Bianchi et al. (2021), Chee et al. (2020) and Tulla et al.(2018). All three studies showed that a negative CT scan less than 24 hours after presenting symptoms is sufficient imaging in detection of a non-traumatic SAH.

Conclusion: There is strong evidence to show that when a patient presents within 24 hours of symptoms suggestive of a SAH, a negative head CT with a third-generation CT scanner is sufficient to rule out a SAH.

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