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Creative Commons License
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Course Instructor

Dr. Abigail Massey

Capstone Semester

Fall 2023

Date of Graduation



Objective: Assess the 5 year local recurrence rate of intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) in relation to the conventional treatment of external breast radiotherapy (EBRT) in eligible females diagnosed with breast cancer over age 40.

Design: Systematic literature review.

Methods: PubMed was searched using the following limits and terms: breast neoplasms, intraoperative radiotherapy, randomized control trial, clinical trial, females, English, and published in the last 10 years.

Results: Three studies were found to directly compare IORT and EBRT regarding 5 year local recurrence rates.

Conclusion: IORT was shown to be non-inferior to EBRT in two of the three studies that were examined; more research is necessary to confidently establish this. The benefits of IORT, including convenience, length of treatment, and side effect profile, deem further study worthwhile. The full risk-benefit profile of both radiotherapy options should be discussed with eligible patients in shared decision-making tailored to each individual.

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IORT: the future of breast cancer treatment?



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