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Dr. Abigail Massey

Capstone Semester

Fall 2022

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Objective: Assess whether athletes or individuals who live an active lifestyle or occupation between the ages of 18-40, who have had an ACL reconstruction done by either single bundle or double bundle repair to compare whether or not double-bundle ACL reconstructive surgery reduce rates of adverse events (re-tear rates, graft failure and laxity) post ACL reconstruction as compared to single-bundle ACL reconstruction. Design: Systemic literature review. Methods: Searches were done in PubMed, utilizing the terms “single bundle vs. double bundle ACL reconstruction.” The following limits and terms were used wrong ligament discussed, systematic reviews or review, not enough participants, 10+ years old and wrong surgical technique, discussion of rehab, wrong outcome measurement, discussion of biomechanics and prior structure abnormalities and 5+ years old. Results: After the second round of limits, only 4 articles remained. These four articles were all randomized control trials that met the specific two-tier screening criteria. Conclusion: More data is needed before the double bundle surgical technique can become the standard of care for restoring normal anatomic function to the knee in ACL reconstruction. Promising data from one of our studies supports the notion it may have lower retear rates, but support was lacking in the three remaining articles. It can be concluded the double bundle technique is not shown to be superior but, in contrast, was not inferior to the single bundle technique.

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