Most Recent Additions*


Best Paper Finalist Session 2 Recording
Jeff Strietzel, Ryan Erck, Margaret F. Sloan, Laura Hunt Trull, Maureen Malomba, Emily Akerson, Kelly Atwood, Melody Eaton, and Luda Patokina


Best Paper Finalist Session 1 Recording
Katrina Struloeff, Kimberly Sterin, Christopher J. Fornaro, Julia Wiener, and Dominick Hankle


Expert Panel Recording: The Future of Organizational Leadership: Perspectives from Private Industry and Government Sectors
Stephanie Gorman, B.S.; Paul Lester, Ph.D., P.M.P.; Maureen Metcalf, M.B.A.; and Adam Vanhove, Ph.D.


Expert Panel Recording: Leadership Strategies for Non-profit Resilience
Deborah Carroll, Ph.D.; Joseph Cordes, Ph.D.; Elizabeth Searing Ph.D.; and Sombo Chunda M.B.A.


Expert Panel Recording: Higher Education Leadership in the New Decade: Cliffs, Opportunities, and Recoveries
Corbin Campbell, Ph.D.; Will Simpkins, Ph.D.; Jason E. Lane, Ph.D.; and Ben Selznick, Ph.D.


Expert Panel Recording: Navigating Crisis: Future Pathways for Non-profit Financial Leadership
Dennis Young, Ph.D.; Teresa Harrison, Ph.D.; Robert L. Fischer, Ph.D.; Stuart C. Mendel, Ph.D.; and Margaret F. Sloan


Expert Panel Recording: Tackling complex problems with leadership and systems thinking
William Donaldson, Ph.D.; Claudia S.P. Fernandez, Dr. PH.; Terry Fernsler, Ph.D.; Sharon Welch Kessler, M.S.; and Seema Patel


Session 3b Recording: Strategic Change
Terry Fernsler, Greg Smith, and Sombo Muzata Chunda


Session 3a Recording: Diversity and Inclusivity Issues
Donovan Branche, Karen A. Ford, Keith Claassen, James Perkins, Emiola Oyefuga, Jeffery Wilson, Lois Jarman, and Ann Wendle


Session 2b Recording: Leading in Context
Andrea Simon, Jacklyn Kuehn, Norah Alshayhan, and Wie Yusuf


Session 2a Recording: Advancing Non-Profit Leadership
Margaret Sloan, Maureen Malomba, Terry Fernsler, Karen A. Ford, Katrina Miller-Stevens, Zach Benevento-Zahner, Gabrielle L'Esperance, and Mia Solberg


Session 1b Recording: Leader-Follower Relations and Resources
Laura Leduc, Eric Kaufman, Austin Council, Ibukun 'Dami' Alegbeleye, Perry D. Martin, and Marcus Hubbard


Session 1a Recording: Technological Advances and Considerations for Leadership
Tatjana Titareva, Kyriakos Tsoukalas, and Moriah Poliakoff

*Updated as of 04/10/21.