Free Speech and Inclusion in Higher Education

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February 11, 2021 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM ET

Amid political turmoil, hyperpolarization, and social distancing, supporting students’ free speech rights while also cultivating an inclusive campus culture is more difficult than ever. In a survey from Knight Foundation and Gallup, 81 percent of students say they want to be exposed to all kinds of speech on campus, but 69 percent also believe inclusion is essential. Women and minority students have far less faith that the First Amendment protects them, even as they embrace their free speech rights to lead a new generation of civil right activism.

In this webinar, leaders promoting and supporting free speech and civic engagement on campuses will discuss how to make sense of these tensions to embrace both free speech and inclusion in the present environment.

A follow-up webinar with a special focus on the intersection of free speech and technology will continue the discussion on February 25, 2021. JMUCIvic Center Student Democracy Fellow Kyle Ford is on the panel


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