The Virginia Teacher



Andrews's "A Short History of England"-John W. Wayland; Hughes' "Elementary Community Civics" - Raymond C. Dingledine; Pittman's "Successful Teaching in Rural Schools" - W.J. Gifford; Foster's "Principles of Teaching in Secondary Education" - W.J. Gifford; Overman's "Principles and Methods of Teaching Arithmetic" -Natalie Lancaster; Blair's "The World Remapped" - Ethel Spilman; Knickerbocker's "Plays for Classroom Interpretation" Ruth S. Hudson; Brawley's "A Short History of the English Drama' - C.T. Logan; "The Herford Aesop"


The State Normal School for Women, Normal Station, Harrisonburg, VA


Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University



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