Presentations Included:

Addressing Oral Health, Safety, Under-Immunization, and Nutrition in the Local Refugee and Immigrant Communities (OSHUN)
Dakota Buhrman, Miranda E. Gerrard, Meredith Rahman, Vaishnavi Sridhar, and Vydia Permashwar

Maternal Body Mass Index and Breastfeeding Outcomes: A Systematic Review
M. M. Achike

Priyadarshini Pattath

Examining the Association Between Race and Mental Health on Lifetime Frequency of E-Nicotine Use in U.S. Adults
Trenece L. Wilson, James S. Clifford, Courtney T. Blondino, and Elizabeth C. Prom-Wormley

Assessing and Evaluating the Health Status of the Hispanic Population in Laurel, Maryland
A. A. Ojo, M. Starkey, and R. Lane

Maternal and Child Health Assessment Plan
Ifeoma C. Ogbozor

Implementing the Physical Activity and Education Program (COPP) to Prevent Obesity in Chesapeake, VA
Brianna Monk

Parental, Peer and School-Related Factors Associated with Perceived Risk of Harm in Monthly Cannabis Use Among US Adolescence: 2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH)
Abigail C. Mariani

Anxiety and Depression in Hispanic and Non-Hispanic African American Obese Children in the United States
Mackenzie Hunt, Ariana Jensen-Wachspress, and Nicole Holt

Is Gabapentin Related to Opioid Overdose Deaths in the US for 2017?
Jill Omali, Patrick Erah, Teresa Pounds, and Leo Egbujiobi

Perceptions of Mindfulness-Based Approaches & the Impact on Resilience of Graduate Students and Healthcare Faculty
Lauren Carper, Taylor Neiser, Holly Reid, and Jeanne Wenos

Assessing Knowledge of Patients on Oral Topics and Evaluating the Services They Receive at Ben Massell Dental Clinic
Ben Massell Dental Clinic and Sravya Nallapaneni

Examining the Association Between Tobacco Smoking Cessation Method Type and Number of Days Abstinent During Tobacco Cessation Attempts
Taylor Reid, Courtney Blondino, James Clifford, and Elizabeth Prom-Wormley

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Intimate Partner Violence
Sarah Hosseinian, Kelby Lewis, Lauren Nicola, and Amelia Oates

Assessing Health Risks in Rural Communities Surrounding Zacapa, Guatemala
Kristy Stearns and Oswald Attin

The Danger of Apathy: College Students’ Receipt of Mumps Vaccine During an Outbreak
Laura Keane



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