Presentations Included:

Increasing Temperatures and the Occupational Health of Hispanic/Latino Agricultural Workers: A Review
Brenda Berumen-Flucker

Methodologies Used to Estimate Traffic Related Air Pollution and Associations with Maternal and Birth Outcomes: A Literature Review
Zimako Chuks, Anna Pollock, and Jenna Krall

GAMBIA Case Study: Trachoma Intervention and Lessons for COVID-19 in the United States
James Tchokogoue

Leveraging Personal Exposure Data with Ambient Air Monitoring Data to Estimate Traffic-Related Air Pollution in the DC Metro Area
Karlin Moore, Anna A. Pollock, and Jenna R. Krall

Perception of Bikeability and Walkability in Low Health Opportunity Index (HOI) Communities in Chesapeake, Virginia
M.A. Kekeh, L. Samuels, M. Akpinar-Elci, D. Porzig, W. Schofer, and N. Welch



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