Purpose: To determine the prevalence of diabetes, obesity, and anemia among Guatemalan adults, as well as the rates of obesity among children in Zacapa, Guatemala. Location, gender, age, personal education level, household daily income, or employment status were examined to determine whether they influence rates of obesity and anemia among adults in Zacapa, Guatemala.

Methods: Community health assessments involved gathering height, weight, body mass index, blood glucose, hemoglobin, and blood pressure measurements from eligible participants. Microsoft Excel 2016 and IBM SPSS Version 23.0 were used to present descriptive statistics and analyze the data using binomial logistic regression tests.

Results/Findings: There were 130 child and 232 adult participants involved in this study. The majority of adult participants were female (84.05%) and between the ages of 15-39 (55.60%). 5.29% of adults suffered from diabetes, 32.47% from obesity, and 24.65% from anemia.

Conclusion: This study presented health information about childhood obesity; diabetes, obesity, anemia prevalence among adults, as well as various demographic, health-related behaviors, and socioeconomic factors. Out of the two separate logistic regression models, only the dependent variable of anemia was found to be statistically significant. Several limitations are mentioned.



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