Purpose: Despite regulations, one area that remains outside the scope of the clean water policies is well water. With the lack of oversight, the millions of home that rely on well water remain susceptible to numerous pollutants and contaminants. To ensure the safety of well water, development of screening and testing protocols is imperative. Many households in Suffolk, VA still use well water making it an apt location to conduct a preliminary study screening for potential water contaminants.

Methods: Water samples from kitchen and garden sources were collected from households in Suffolk, VA. These samples assessed for TDS via Milwaukee EC59 pen, pH via Sper Scientific test tube pen, arsenic via Quick Rapid Arsenic Test Kit, E. coli and coliform, and lead via Simpletek Micro Tester Pro self-filling test ampoules.

Findings: Four of the thirty kitchen-sourced samples tested positive for coliform contamination. The positive findings may represent hazards for health thus warranting further investigation.

Conclusion: Many Suffolk homes rely on well water but lack of regulations can bring risk for contamination. This study indicated a potential coliform problem in Suffolk and more work must be done to evaluate for coliform contamination and its resultant health consequences.



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