Purpose: Virginia has numerous and varying congregate living facilities, to include correctional facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and 13 state-operated mental/behavioral health/rehabilitation facilities. The purpose of this literature review is to review COVID-19 trends in congregate settings and identify suggested mitigation efforts.

Methods: The target population for the literature search was individuals in congregate living facilities. Both correctional facilities and nursing homes were included as congregate settings.

Findings: Studies reviewed reported on disease transmission, the use of universal and serial testing, and reported additional information. Early and frequent testing to guide resident cohorting and exclusion of individuals from work was recommended. This includes the testing of asymptomatic individuals. Pre-emptive testing was associated with significant lower overall disease prevalence in one study.

Conclusions: Researchers across studies recommended testing early and often to inform prompt cohorting of infected individuals and to guide infection control measure. As such, early and frequent testing of individuals living and working in congregate settings is an important tool in controlling the spread of COVID-19. Recommendations: In addition to frequent and early testing, further research regarding the spread and control of COVID-19 within Virginia congregate living facilities is recommended to inform future mitigation efforts.



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