Presentations Included:

Association Between Mold and Asthma in Minority Children in the Urban Setting
Judith K. Muir

Comparing Source-Specific PM2.5 Between Rush Hour vs. Sporadic Commuters
Charlotte Joannidis, Jenna R. Krall, and Karlin D. Moore

Exploration of the Spatial Relationships between Lead and Pesticide Exposures and Neurodegenerative Disease Age-Adjusted Mortality Risk in North Carolina
Maci Keaton, Kathleen Poole, and Ashley Stoop

Evaluating the Impact of Work Environments on ADHD Presentation in Adults
Adam Moore

Outdoor Air Pollution and Cancer in African American Men
Megan Coles

Particulate Matter Concentration Around Lamberts Point & Railroad, Norfolk, VA
Shobha Subedi

The Utility of Perceived Neighborhood Environments as a Predictor of Childhood Obesity
Kavya V. Iyer, Bryn M. Haden, & Elizabeth Ackley



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