PTSD in children post COVID-19 lockdowns in Norfolk, VA

Ali Alshayhan

Life During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Raihan Khan, Tony Jehi, & Andrew Peachey

A Dashboard for Optimizing the Placement of Mobile COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics

Alex Telionis, Justin Crow, Zakaria Mehrab, Mandy L. Wilson, Brian D. Klahn, Serina Chang, Galen Harrison, Bryan Lewis, Dennis Kim, Scott Spillmann, Kate Peters, Jure Leskovec, & Madhav V. Marathe

Returning to a New Normal: Examining Student’s Perceptions and Experiences of

Campus Reopening during COVID-19

Cara Tonn, Anne Dumadag, Hira Nadeem, Brenda Berumen-Flucker, Priyanka Patel, & Hadiza Galadima



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