About JMU Scholarly Commons

JMU Scholarly Commons is a resource for sharing the scholarship and activities of the James Madison University community. These materials include papers, presentations, data sets, images, and multimedia items.


Contact Us

If you have questions about JMU Scholarly Commons, please feel free to contact us at dc_admin@jmu.edu.

Take-Down Policy

JMU Scholarly Commons (“the repository”) is a valuable resource for digitized and born-digital resources within the James Madison University community. The individual items within the repository are provided for educational and research purposes. We have diligently researched the contents of the items within the repository to identify items that may be subject to copyright and trademark laws, as well as those items containing privacy-protected information. Due to the nature of the materials within the repository, we are not always able to identify items containing these types of information. We are eager to hear from individuals and rights-holders who have concerns regarding items containing these types of information.

Upon receipt of a complaint, we will remove the item in question from public view while we review the complaint in accordance with Libraries & Educational Technologies and James Madison University established policies and procedures. An acknowledgement of a request for removal will be sent to the individual making the request. At the conclusion of the review into the request, and a notification of the online status of the item in question will be sent to the address or email on file.

Requests for removal must be in written form and sent via email or postal mail to:

JMU Digital Collections
Carrier Library
James Madison University
800 S. Main Street, MSC 1704
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22807


Created 2014, Revised January 2015.