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Promotores de Salud

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Carmen Moreno or The Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services (IIHHS)

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The Promotores de Salud program is dedicated to improving access to health care and health education for all Hispanics in the Central Shenandoah Valley. The program trains Hispanic women and men to be health resource persons, providing family, friends, neighbors and co-workers with effective and culturally-appropriate health information. They create a cultural bridge between Hispanic residents and health and human services providers, reducing health disparities and making healthy living a real possibility for individuals and families across the Central Shenandoah Valley. The Promotores attend a 40-hour training program that focuses on specific health needs within the Hispanic community, particularly for those with no health insurance or those from low income families.

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Involves Students, Involves Faculty, Involves Participants External to JMU


JMU Only, Hburg/Local/VA


Ongoing (Currently in existence, year round)

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Health and Healthcare

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Community Engagement, Engaged Learning



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