Name of Engagement

"Journeying Together"

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Dr. Lisa Porter

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A pilot program aimed at helping to model collaboration and cultural inclusivity in a local Dual Language Immersion Program received support from the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. Dr. Lisa L. Porter, assistant professor of sociology and anthropology, received a $2,000 grant from the foundation for her project, "Journeying Together: Building Intercultural Parental Relations within Dual Language Immersion Programs." The project involves James Madison University students, families with children in the Harrisonburg City Public Schools and various non-profit organizations. “Journeying Together” creates a space in which parents from native English-speaking and heritage Spanish-speaking language groups can come together and engage in meaningful activities in hopes of building a bridge within the community, developing an appreciation for the cultures of each group and envisioning continued collaboration for the families.

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Involves Students, Involves Faculty, Involves Staff, Involves Participants External to JMU



Primary Focus of Program

Education PK-12

Community Partner Name

Virginia Foundation for the Humanities

Areas of Engagement

Community Engagement, Engaged Learning



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