JMU and Harrisonburg communities paint a mural together on campus

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JMU's Center for Global Engagement


A group of 17 international students, JMU study abroad alumni, Harrisonburg High School students and Valley Scholars recently came together to paint a mural outside the Center for Global Engagement's new offices in Madison Hall. At a time when many people and countries are divided, the mural focuses on the themes of unity and togetherness. The project was led by Claudia Bernardi, an internationally known artist whose work often reflects the struggle for human rights and social justice. The mural showcases aspects of cultures from around the world, from monuments to landscapes to the garments people are wearing.


Involves Students, Involves Participants External to JMU




The project unfolded over two weekends in September 2017.


One Time Only

Primary Focus of Program

Arts and Culture

Benefits for Faculty, Students, Community, and Institution

Students mentioned the benefits of completing a project alongside community members and the resulting sense of unity and friendship. Valley Scholars got a chance to spend time on campus and connect with JMU students. Students also mentioned the project was a chance to meet more people in general.

Community Partner Name

Harrisonburg High School, Valley Scholars program

Areas of Engagement

Community Engagement, Engaged Learning


Program, Gallery/Exhibit

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