Faculty/Staff Dialogue: How do we promote Democratic Talk and Engagement on Campus?

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How do we talk about politics in the classroom? Whose responsibility is it to promote a campus climate around democratic engagement? We’d love faculty perspectives on these questions.

Last year, JMU partnered with the American Democracy Project and the Institute for Democracy and Higher Education to focus on improving political learning and engagement. Part of this partnership required that JMU conduct an in-depth study of the current campus climate. We will be sharing themes of what was found in the faculty facilitation, challenges expressed by faculty about democratic engagement in the classroom, and what this study means to us as far as next steps.

Graduate students in SCOM/PUAD 627 have partnered with Madison Center for Civic Engagement and the Institute for Constructive Advocacy and Dialogue to facilitate spaces to talk about democratic engagement in the classroom and on campus. Our facilitation will be on Friday, April 12th 3:15 4:30 PM at Carrier Library 301. There will be light refreshments. What will make Friday's conversation valuable and important is your participation and willingness to share your knowledge and personal experience. Hope to see you there.

Questions? Contact Lori Britt, (540) 568-5028


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Friday, April 12th 2019 3:15 4:30 PM


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